Innovative Security for Safes, Gun Safes & Tool Boxes

"The Worlds Most Advanced Anti-Pry Technology"

At Lokaway we are continuing to be a pioneer in new product design and security.  Our goal is to provide great service on one of the best security innovations in over 100 years. Lokaway strives to provide our customers with excellent value at an affordable price. When buying a Lokaway product you are buying peace of mind. The Swing’n’Slide concept was designed for the single purpose to offer the ultimate in security. Nothing comes close to the protection of Lokaway’s simple but very effective Anti-Pry door designs.

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Lokaway Patented Swing 'n' Slide Technology

"The Worlds Most Advanced Anti-Pry Technology"

Our new designs are patented in over 20 countries and offer consumers one of the best Anti-Pry door designs on the market today. Seeing is believing so we have included some videos which clearly demonstrate the system. Once you have viewed the video’s check out the “Australian Dealers” or “International Distributors” page to fined your nearest location.

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