Innovative Security for Safes, Gun Safes & Tool Boxes

"The Worlds Most Advanced Anti-Pry Technology"

The Swing’n’Slide system has been in development for over 10 years and its level of refinement and security is a reflection of the time and effort that has been put into creating this revolutionary locking system.

Until now door security has always been a matter of increased thickness of material and stronger tougher locks but the Swing’n’Slide system exponentially increases the security of the door without the need to increase the material thickness and locks therefore the price.

The technology was inspiration from the inventor Brett Dunstan, who has been building safes since a very young age. Brett comes from and engineering background and has always been striving to create a better more secure safe without drastically increasing the price.

This came in the form of the Swing’n’Slide design, without the need to increase the thickness of material or upgrade the locks to expensive versions the price can be kept at an affordable level.

The security of the Swing’n’Slide design is as simple as concealing the leading edge of the safe to make the prying and forcing of the door extremely difficult and most importantly very frustrating.

Lokaway Patented Swing 'n' Slide Technology

"The Worlds Most Advanced Anti-Pry Technology"

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